Los Angeles Independent Film Awards - Best Woman Filmmaker "Glass Ceiling"

IndieFest Film Awards - Award of Merit Woman Filmmakers "Glass Ceiling" 

IndieFest Film Awards - Award of Merit Film Short "Glass Ceiling"

Honolulu Film Awards - Silver Lei Award "Glass Ceiling"

Action on Film International Film Festival - Best Action Sequence "Glass Ceiling"


Northern Virginia International Film and Music Festival - Best Director "Glass Ceiling"

Indie Short Fest (LA International Film Festival) - Best Director "The Girl in the Trench Coat"



Tash  currently lives in Los Angeles. She grew up in a smaller than average town in Indiana in the age of tamagachis and the like. Her town was the kind of small town where summer corn-husking was a real job that children were really employed to do (and could earn you enough to buy at least one tamagachi).

Despite all this, she dreamed of leaving one day and working in movies. She didn't know yet that this meant she was a masochist. As most kids of semi-dramatic tendency would think, acting seemed the go-to when striving for the glittering world of Hollywood.
And for just such a reason, Tash left shortly after graduation for the big, glamorous, and dirty New York City. There she learned the ins and outs of acting from several different teachers, none greater than the dear Anthony Abeson.

Anthony instilled in Tash not just an acting ability she was too self-aware to ever really utilize, he also taught her how to speak to actors, how to say things in a way that speaks to an actors mind. This, along with many lessons she learned across the pond at Met Film School, have provided a backbone to her structure as a director.

One blusteringly cold Brooklyn winter in 2013, distraught and sick of snow, coffee shop jobs and the constant roar of the M train, she decided to make her way out to sunny Los Angeles.

Upon arrival, she was told by trusted council to make a reel. To make work for herself, no matter the cost. So, 300 dollars in hand, the ability to survive off ramen noodles and the naivety to ask crew to work for the cause and a dominos pizza, she made her first short. Bizaria went on to almost immediately sell to SHORTS TV on Direct TV.

She was bitten by the writing and directing bug. Surprisingly enough, her crew was also struck with the urge to continue working together pro-bono and in the course of the next
year they made another three short films and one 7 episode web-series. Tantum won audience choice at a May 2015 Hollyshorts screening.

In 2017 she directed her biggest short to date. Glass Ceiling is an ambitious undertaking about two female assassins who find out they are earning less than male assassins. It showed at more than 25 festivals across the world and won 8 awards, including a “Best Woman Filmmaker” from the LAIFF May 2018.

Since then she has focused on learning all aspects of filmmaking- working on 15+ feature films and 2 episodic projects in all varieties of on-set positions from art to sound to grip to the production office. She currently works as an associate producer for Icon Media - writing, producing and directing content. 
She is currently in post production on several short films. Her feature screenplay "The Untimely Death of Herbert Sullivan" (co-written with Benjamin Barker) is making the festival rounds. 

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Dr. Sonja Series Pt 1 - Icon Media - Director/Producer/Writer

Abstraction - Pilot Pitch - Director/Writer

The Untimely Death of Herbert Sullivan - Co-Writer

Brian Lima Series - Icon Media - Writer/Producer

Jamie Kern Lima Series - Icon Media - Producer

Pitch Her Productions Episodic "Pat Down" - Director

The Girl in the Trench Coat - Short - Writer/Director

Catharsis - Short - Director

The Escape - Short - Director

Glass Ceiling - Short - Director

Tantum - Short - Writer/Director

Week Night Stands - Web Series -  Co-Writer/Director/Producer

Purple Walls - Short - Co-Writer/Director

Bizaria - Short - Writer/Director/Producer

Amongst - Short - Writer/Co-Producer

The Beautiful Road to Albinbam - Feature - Co-Writer/Co-Producer

Cut! The Play - Stage Play - Writer

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